Nash “Definitely Not” Latkje, Suikoden, c. SY 475.

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A private man, however successful in his own dealings, if his country perish is involved in her destruction; but if he be an unprosperous citizen of a prosperous city he is much more likely to recover. Seeing then that states can bear the misfortunes of individuals, but individuals cannot bear the misfortunes of the state, let us all stand by our country.Thucydides

Suikoden is a high fantasy hodgepodge; it blends classical Chinese literature, cat people, and western chivalry into one not-exactly-cohesive whole. But one theme that is constant is the ways a person can change a country, and how country can change a person. Nash is from the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. It's basically the worst.

Harmonia is a militant, expansionist theocracy that draws inspiration from the Vatican, the Roman Empire, and various imaginary Russias. It is the Suikoden setting's only superpower, and controls the most territory and largest armies. Its capital city, Crystal Valley, is implied to be the largest and most sophisticated in the setting. But Harmonia is also a place of unspeakable cruelty, racism, and weird magic clone babies. It was supposed to be the scene of the Final Battle, but there's never gonna be a

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