Nash “Definitely Not” Latkje, Suikoden, c. SY 475.

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IC Info

Character. Nash Latkje

Series. Suikoden (幻想水滸伝)

Age. 37 (like 85 in JRPG years)

Height. 6' (183cm)

Weight. 170 lbs

Notable Features. Blond hair, blue eyes, aquiline features, breezy demeanor. Talks with his hands.

Brief Personality. Sarcastic, clever, unserious, difficult. Outgoing and talkative without being revealing or open. Likes complaining and explosions. Dislikes revenge quests and shining armor.

Basically. NG secret agent of a LE empire, ask me how I compartmentalize.


Backtagging. This is the song of my people.

Fourth-walling. Generally this is not my bag, except in the form of Erk In Danger.

General. I have no strong prose/brackets preference and will match yours if you have one. I try to tag about once a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Gaidens / split-paths. I kind of play these by ear based on what I think would be most interesting to a given situation. I'm super willing to hash out specifics if it's relevant to you and have with canonmates in the past. Assume Nash helped defend Greenhill and Hugo was the Flame Champion.


Physical Violence. Suikoden is a war game, but not a particularly realistic war game. I'm okay with pretend violence and random action scenes, but major injury and/or death is something I'd prefer to plot out beforehand.

Mental Information: Nash's inner monologue is a lot like his outer monologue, except punctuated occasionally with mysterious sepia toned flashbacks and reliant on luck points. If your character is an empath/telepath let me know and I'll try to work the relevant information into my tags!

Physical Affection. This is fine from an OOC perspective, ICly it will vary a lot based on context.

IC Triggers. Nash has a weird hang-up about guns and an aversion to especially senseless violence, but no particular triggers.

Relationships. Nash is apparently and loudly married, so that's a major romantic obstacle, though he's hardly a paragon of fidelity it'll take work to go beyond casual flirtation. He's very into casual flirtation, though. I'm also (and especially) looking for friendships, people to challenge him, and people to find him annoying.

Are you interested in participating in the game's smut opt-ins? Nope!